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Book Design

Cover + Dust Jacket Design

Your book cover is important and the first thing your readers willl see.  Whatever your genre, I will create a stunning cover that fits your book and will stand out and resonate with your potential readers.  I will provide you with a full digital PDF for hardcover dust jacket, paperback cover and eBook cover.

Dust jacket + cover design from £900


Typesetting and layout design for your hardback and paperback book. I will select the best fonts, chapter styles, subheadings etc. to create a wonderful reading experience for your book. 

From your manuscript (Word, Pages etc.), I will provide you with a print-ready PDF, set up to the printer’s specifications.

Cost for typesetting is based on page count, starting from £4 per page.

Typesetting - title page example
eBook reader cover Orpheus Rising


eBook costs start at £180 (if converting from paperback or hardback galley I have done for you)

I will provide you with an ePub v3.0 reflowable file and digital cover file

The cost includes a full flightcheck for accessibility and compliance (Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, NetGalley)

Table of Contents

Chapter Heading

page layout

Dust jacket design example
Hardcover Dust Jacket


I can help you with all your book launch marketing needs from sell sheets, flyers and posters to online banner ads and email announcements

Tale of Brian digital banner advert
Digital banner advert

Sell Sheet



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Book Typesetting + Cover Design