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Podcast + Audio / Sound Editing Services

Audio / Sound Editing

Create a flawless audio file for your podcast or voiceover. 

If your audio file has any unwanted sound or errors like:  long pauses, coughs, umms, ahhs, clicks and unwanted background noise; I can remove them to tighten up your recording and create a clean, crisp and clear audio file.

I can add any music intro or outro or other background sounds if needed, to enhance the narrative.

  • Remove unwanted fillers (umms, ahhs, coughs)

  • Remove unwanted words or long pauses

  • Add intro or outro music

  • Add a music or background noise track

  • Reduce or remove background noise like (e.g. traffic, air conditioning hum)

Audio / Sound editing services

  • Voiceover editing

  • Podcast editing

  • Interviews

  • Video editing

I will supply you with the correct audio media file for your needs (MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC)

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Audio / Sound Editing